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Mark downs and profitability
Assortment and range planning
Buyer profitability
Decision Systems are specialists in retail planning

With over 20 years independent UK experience of delivering solutions based on our easy-to-use Buyerplan® software, Decision Systems has the tools and expertise to work with you to improve your multi-channel merchandise planning, plus buyer support systems for product lifecycle management

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Review your Ranges ...

By assessing your seasonal history at all levels from company overview down to individual product line detail.

Use Attribute and Ranking reports to look for problems and opportunities from all angles.

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... and formulate your Range and Assortment Plans ...

With our easy-to-use and flexible 'start where you want' approach to planning, designed to deliver a financially sound range or assortment that is both space driven and attribute balanced.

Integrates the financial planning necessary to formulate a buying budget and the store planning needed to calculate the grade option structure.

Significantly improves the calculation of line buys and optimum delivery dates and quantities.

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... and then use our tried and tested WSSI Merchandise Planner

To provide pre-season and in-season financial control and stock management You can express Sales, Stock, Markdown and Intake/Commitment easily across multiple dimensions ...

With value, units, cost and margin terms typically managed by the dimensions of Product, Time and Seasonality (such as Spring, Autumn, and Continuity)

With extra dimensions, including Brand, and seasonal and financial calendars, also easily accommodated.

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Take control of your Range Buying ...

Designed to support all aspects of your design, product development and buying processes ... from Concept to Contract ...

A single visible repository for the widely varied information that is required as a line moves from design through selection to production.

From cost details to images, from fabric details to packaging and labels, from design packs to critical path dates, Range Buyer covers them all ...

... use online Design packs ...

To collect all design details, as well as information requests to suppliers.

... and share Key Range Details with the Merchandise Planners

By Style, supplier, colours and attributes as well as Range plans by product type, collection or supplier ... as the range is developed ...

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Use Critical Path ...

To track and control all production 'critical path' dates.

... and prepare and monitor Costings ...

By recording factory price to total cost in local currencies.

... and monitor Quality Control ...

Including Fabric Management and Packaging

... all with Internet-based Interaction with Suppliers

Using a status Dashboard to monitor all stages ...

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